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Dino is a leading supermarkets group in Western Poland.

Investor: Enterprise Investors

Industry: Consumer goods and retail

Year of investment: 2010

Year of exit: 2017



Dino is a leading supermarkets group in Western Poland, which expanded rapidly, thanks to Enterprise Investors’ backing, from 97 stores in 2010 to a chain of over 628 in 2016. In addition to increasing the network of stores, the investment enabled founder Tomasz Biernacki, who set up Dino in 2000, to build new distribution centers in Krotoszyn and Piotrków Trybunalski. With the growth came new jobs, with employment at Dino increasing nearly eightfold since 2010 to almost 11,600 in April 2017. Furthermore, Dino’s increased size has benefited local food producers and its suppliers by allowing them to expand their business and hire new workers.


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Main objectives of the funding

  • Capital for store expansion programme
  • New systems and logistics infrastructure to support the growth
  • Support to transform a private company into a modern, streamlined business, including additional top managers

Achievements of the company

  • Improved sourcing and established world-class logistic bases and supply chain
  • Reorganized and improved stores to meet customers’ growing expectations

increase in employees to over
in 2017

increase in number of stores 2010-2016

Value added by PE/VC fund

  • Fostered the build-up of corporate structure around the founder and his top managers
  • Financed the rapid rollout of Dino supermarkets
  • Increased reliability of the company in the eyes of financing banks thus attracting additional funding
  • Lead the IPO process, which enabled raising new financing in the future