Managers of VC funds with professional investment experience together with private investors can raise up to PLN 80 million in form of the NCF’s investment in new or already existing VC funds. Applications are to be submitted up to August 27th, 2012.

As opposed to the previous tender of offers the NCF will start the analysis of investment proposals shortly after having received them. It will mean that the date of submission of an application, assuming the proposal will meet the investment requires, can be decisive.

'Parties concerned will not have to wait until the August 27th for the start of analysis procedures of investment proposals that they have submitted. It will dramatically increase the pace of KFK’s investment process.’ – says Piotr Gębala, President of the Management Board of the National Capital Fund.

By selecting funds, the NCF pays special attention to their reputation and experience of investment managers. The investment goals of NCF’s portfolio funds are Polish innovative micro, small and medium enterprises of huge growth potential at seed, start-up or expansion stages. The funds that the NCF will in the framework of the tender of offers invest in, should create their investment portfolio until the end of 2015.

In the tender of offers that was announced yesterday the financial needs expressed in applications amounted to PLN 700 million and substantially exceeded the capital declared by the NCF.

'Vast interest in last tender of offers and high quality of submitted applications reflects investors’ potential in Poland. Among twenty five investment proposals some of them have been highly scored. It spurred us to assess our liabilities and make a decision to announce the next tender of offers. – says Piotr Gębala.

The NCF invests in VC funds appointed by means of an open tender of offers and provides them with the capital up to 50% of the fund’s capitalization (the rest will be paid in by private investors). The NCF can grant a non-returnable benefits for the partial coverage of preparation and investment monitoring costs up to 10% of own financial contribution. An important privilege for private investors is the priority in return distribution at the investment exit.

1/2012 Tender of Offers was announced by the NCF as a sixth in a row and as a third in the framework of Operational Programme Innovative Economy. The VC funds that the NCF invests in provide an early financing for start-up companies and constitute a vital source of long-term investments for young and innovative Polish small and medium enterprises.