Tech Sim Sp. z o.o., a state of the art flight simulator manufacturer, is the fourth Skyline Venture fund investment in a row. On 27 March 2014 the Fund acquired a 35% stake in the Company in return for 1.2 million zloty.

Tech Sim Sp. z o.o., active on the Polish market since 2012 designs and manufactures state of the art flight simulators. Currently works on the BASIC flights simulators are nearing completion. In the second quarter of 2014 the device will be submitted for certification and once that is obtained sales will commence. The Company will provide static as well as 3 and 6 DOF motion cueing simulators with physical airplane cockpits. This is the only company manufacturing simulators in Poland as the domestic market is only home to producers of subassemblies for devices of this type. Tech Sim is one of three European companies manufacturing Full Motion platform based simulators. The project is overseen by aviation training, training device certification and state of the art aviation mechanical systems design specialists.

“Our products and services are primarily aimed at flight schools, as today, the purchase of a flight simulator constitutes an insurmountable barrier for regional flight training centres. Tech-Sim, is the first European company able to supply a professional flight simulator to the international market at a price staring from approx. 60,000 euro." - says Maciej Szubski, the CEO.

According to Paweł Maj, managing the Skyline Venture Fund, Tech Sim is what a discerning investor could wish for, a combination of an experienced team with a promising niche product.