On 30th October 2018, CADM Holdings Ltd., a subsidiary of Abris CEE Mid-Market Fund III LP managed by Abris Capital Partners Ltd., signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in CADM Automotive Sp. z o.o., a fast-growing design office in Krakow providing engineering services to leading manufacturers in the automotive, railway and aeronautics segment.

CADM Automotive is a fast-growing design office specializing in the development of individual components as well as entire modules and systems for the automotive sector, often by running and coordinating multinational projects. The company also prepares designs for the railway sector and is entering the marine and medical segments. The projects executed by CADM Automotive combine the individual needs and unique character of the company’s clients with the skills and experience of its engineering team.

The company was founded in the summer of 2012 by Michał Laska, the current CEO, and his business partner. Today, the company employs 200 people, most of whom are highly-qualified designers and engineers, graduates of Polish technical academies and universities of technology. In just six years, the young and fast-growing company has gained more than 60 clients from Europe, the US, China and Japan. They include leaders of the automotive industry such as Bentley, Porsche, Jaguar, VW, BMW or Tesla, including the first designs of electric vehicles.

“As CADM Automotive, we have established a permanent presence on the demanding global automotive market. But we do have appetite for more. More clients, more prestigious brands and interesting, ambitious projects. We want to increase our contribution to the global process of designing cars. We are driven by the thought that we have true influence on the realities of the automotive market and in some sense on promoting high-quality design. My dream is for Poland to one day become globally recognized as an important center of top-class utility design” – said Michał Laska, CEO of CADM Automotive.

“CADM Automotive is an example of global success of a Polish company operating in a market niche, which has made a mark through its innovativeness. Importantly, it is not a manufacturing but a service company, which has captured global markets by offering international automotive companies something unique: the knowledge and intellectual potential of its team. As Abris, we are happy for the opportunity to support this Polish company in acquiring new markets and prestigious clients, making our contribution to the promotion of Polish engineering and design internationally” – concluded Wojciech Jezierski, Partner at Abris Capital Partners.

CADM Automotive is the sixth investment made by Abris as part of the EUR 500 million raised in the fall of 2017 from international investors for its third fund to support and develop interesting business projects in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.