Avallon MBO has sold a majority stake in ZABERD S.A. The fund invested in this company in 2015 as part of Avallon MBO Fund II. During this time, the company has successfully doubled the value of the investment, and it has increased its turnover by as much as 60%, while maintaining high profitability. The company's market share increased from 10 to 15 %. ZABERD's operating profit (EBIDTA) for 2020 amounted to PLN 15,5 million. Thanks to the exit, Avallon has obtained a rate of return in the amount twice as high as the capital it had invested.

– Our investment in ZABERD S.A. was essential for us as a fund. We have managed to gain a lot of experience in the sector in which we never invested before. The more so because this industry is characterized by very specific legislative regulations. Thanks to the current, very good cooperation with the managers whose experience in this industry is extensive, it has been possible to increase the scale of the company's operations and develop an evidently better market position - says Robert Więcławski, the senior partner at Avallon MBO. – We’ve managed to achieve the operational goals we forecasted at the beginning of our entry. For us, it is the first exit this year, but not the last one; more interesting exits are on their way. In addition, new investments are coming, as we are focusing on the Avalon MBO III Fund, whose procedures we are currently finalizing - adds Więcławski.

ZABERD S.A. from Wrocław, employing over 250 people, is a service company dealing, among others, with road and comprehensive traffic safety, maintenance of the national roads, implementation of works related to signage and lighting, installations of energy-consuming barriers and traffic lights, developing ITS systems or organizing substitute traffic. The company has several field offices and its own machinery park, enabling comprehensive implementation of services anywhere in the country. Avallon has sold its shares to a group of managers who have been involved in the company's development for years. Paweł Zawadzki will remain the company’s president.

– After the exit, we are going to continue our strategy of growing. This is possible thanks to the EU funds flowing into Poland, from which further road and infrastructure investments are carried being out, which in turn means an increase in expenditure on their maintenance. Avallon is a great partner. Its contribution to building the company's value is multidimensional, with financial support being only one element of cooperation with them. They understand how businesses are run, and they are highly supportive in difficult moments. Now, we are entering another stage of long-term strategy… - says Paweł Zawadzki, ZABERD S.A.