EUR 230k has been invested by Black Pearls VC in Xopero - a company developing unique emergency recovery technology and ensuring continuity of companies' IT systems in the event of a breakdown or attack by hackers. In terms of technological advancement and speed of backup, Xopero is in the world's forefront.

Xopero develops its own set of tools for immediate data recovery. The company's engineers have created one of the fastest solutions in the world for disk image backup. In terms of technology, it outperforms the products of the world's largest giants, reaching a speed of 1241 MB per second in the case of incremental backup. The latest important activity of the company is e-Safe Poland - a free cybersecurity education program for companies.

According to Gartner's analyzes, global IT security spending this year will amount to USD 124 billion.  Market research carried out by Xopero estimates that in Poland, 48.1% of entrepreneurs will increase their expenditures in data protection area and nearly 65% among them will invest in solutions for backup and emergency recovery.

"Our solution provides small and medium-sized companies with the latest backup technologies, so far reserved for large corporations. We protect not only data but also entire IT environments of our clients - including virtual servers. At the time of the failure, we offer a quick data restoration that will ensure the company's continuity and reduce the losses associated with downtime." - Łukasz Jesis, Xopero CEO

Black Pearls VC invested EUR 230k in Xopero from the LQT Fund II, created as part of the National Center for Research and Development BRIdge Alfa program. The transaction was carried out by Maciej Skórkiewicz (Partner) and Aleksander Dobrzyniecki (Investment Manager).

"The awareness of the need to protect against failures or actions of cybercriminals is growing in companies. Prevention is not enough though. It is equally important to quickly put the company on its feet and its continuity. This approach is necessary in virtually every scale of operation. Xopero puts its tools into the hands of small and medium-sized companies in the SaaS model, which is a hit in terms of the needs of this sector." - Maciej Skórkiewicz, Partner at Black Pearls VC

Breaks in the operation of company information systems generate huge costs. According to a study by the American University of Oregon, one hour of such downtime caused by a breakdown or a hacker attack costs small businesses an average of $ 8k. In the case of medium-sized companies, this amount already reaches $ 74k  and even 700k when we talk about large companies. Hence the growing popularity of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions. According to forecasts by MarketsandMarkets, the market for this type of services is growing at a rate of over 50% annually, and in 2020 will reach the value of nearly $ 12 billion.