Founded by a group of Polish innovators and scientists, Prosoma helps cancer patients fight anxiety and depression by combining behavioral therapy and virtual reality technology. The company has just acquired an investor - the Black Pearls VC fund, which will support the development of the unique therapeutic methodology with the amount of EUR 280k. The co-founder of Prosoma is Marek Ostrowski, creator of Luxon LED success.

Prosoma has been created to answer the psychological needs of patients suffering from cancer. The project combines imaging techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy in a virtual environment with the analysis of data defining the effectiveness of therapy. All this to reduce the level of stress and anxiety of oncological patients and to provide them with psychoeducation, as well as to examine the effectiveness of psychotherapy support in the fight against cancer. Studies show that imaging techniques not only reduce stress, and thus anxiety and depression, but also improve the functioning of the immune system. It is in this area that Prosoma brings a whole new value.

"Behavioral psychotherapy is currently the most effective and the most common form of psychological support for oncological patients. What we add, is an interactive, virtual space to work with the patient. We are deeply convinced that in this way we will contribute to increasing the effectiveness of cancer therapies and improving the quality of life of patients" - Ema Kufel, Prosoma CEO

Prosoma project has been created by an interdisciplinary team of certified psycho-oncologists, clinical psychologists, behavioral psychotherapists, and software engineers. The project also involves world-class experts in the areas of oncology and psychotherapy: prof. Afaf Girgis from the  University of New South Wales, dr. Luzia Travado from Lisbon Univeristy, dr. Tit Albreht from the Univeristy of Amsterdam and dr. Mariusz Wirga from Todd Cancer Institute at the Long Beach Medical Centre.

"If we really want to provide patient-centered care, we must offer patients flexibility in when and how they can get access to this care. The use of digital technologies in therapy gives patients the opportunity to address their psychological needs in the comfort of their own home, at a time that suits them best. This is very important especially for patients living outside large cities, where psychological services and therapist assistance can be much more limited. Despite advances in oncological treatment, many patients still experience significant stress. We need to help patients before the lack of psychological care and increasing stress levels lead to a crisis stage, because it can negatively affect their overall recovery and pharmacological treatment." - prof. Afaf Girgis from the University of New South Wales in Australia

Black Pearls VC invested EUR 280k in Prosoma from the LQT Fund II, created as part of the National Center for Research and Development BRIdge Alfa program. On the part of the fund, the transaction was carried out by Maciej Skórkiewicz (Partner) and Aleksander Dobrzyniecki (Investment Manager).

"Prosoma is a unique scientific project with Polish roots, which, thanks to the involvement of experts of world renown and business experience of its creators, crosses the boundaries of the Polish scientific world. It is a project with a large international potential as the demand for psychological support tools for cancer patients is global." - Maciej Skórkiewicz, partner at Black Pearls VC