In accordance with an earlier agreement, we bought additional shares from the minority shareholders and increased our stake in Golpasz S.A. from 67 per cent to 85 per cent. We have been an investor in Golpasz S.A. since December 2015.

Golpasz S.A. is one of the leading Polish producer and supplier of industrial feed for farm animals, mainly poultry, pigs and cattle. Supported by Resource Partners the company doubled its production capacity, implemented innovative feeding programmes and a new customer service programme. The company also has opened its new production plant in Podkonice Duże (central Poland) and increased sales to almost 500 tonnes annually.

“Since we have been the investor in Golpasz S.A. the growth of sales has been faster that the market one. Increasing our investment will give the company an opportunity to start further investments, including modernization and expansion of two already existing production plants, said Aleksander Kacprzyk,” Managing Partner of Resource Partners.

“We are really happy that Resource Partners Fund appreciates our work and successes, as our clients do, without whose trust we would not be able to grow dynamically. We are convinced that the Fund’s higher capital involvement will allow us to implement our ambitious development plans,” said Golpasz S.A. CEO, Wiesław Ilków.