June 4, 2019.
On May 31st2019, Value4Capital finalised the sale of the security services activities of its Konsalnet Holdings S.A. investment to SERIS Group; it continues to own the former cash handling activities.

Since acquiring the Company, Value4Capital has grown the Konsalnet Group organically and through acquisition to become the market leader in securityservices and cash handling in Poland.  Following the  recent  de-merger  of  the  cash  handling  activities,  V4C  has  disposed  of  100%  of  the  security services activities to the SERISGroup, a leading European securities group with activities in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.  Value4Capitalwill retain its investment in the Konsalnet cash handling activities which will continue to trade under the name Konsalnet.

“We created a market leader. From our initial investment in what was the eighth largest guardingcompany at the time through the acquisition of Konsalnet and later the activities of G4S in Poland, we have  supported  the  company  and  management  as  the  market  for  security  services  continuously evolved and become more and more professional. Today Konsalnet is providing innovative security solutions to its clients across Poland.” said Jacek Pogonowski, the Value4Capital partner leading the investment.

“The acquisition of Konsalnet opens up for Seris a new strategic market. Both parties see the benefits resulting from co-operation, both in the development of the security service activities as well as the development of their employees and clients. We would like to express our gratitude to all who were involved with the company and helped us develop Konsalnetinto a strong, market leading company that it is today” –Jacek Pogonowski added.

Value4Capitalspecialises  in  private  equity  investments  in  service  businesses,  looking  for opportunities where the service has a strong local delivery component.  It focuses on Poland, but selectively invests in Romania, the Baltics and the other EU member states of central Europe.  Owned and managed by its partners, V4C has over 25 years of mid-market private equity experience inthe region.  The Konsalnet investment was made by its V4C Eastern Europe Fund.  Its new fund, V4C Poland Plus, has completed investments in Kom Eko, based in Lublin and DreamCommerce, based in Cracow.

Konsalnet is the largest security services company inPoland. It has been active on the market for over 20 years, offering a full range of security services -from physical protection services, cash handling,  convoys,  technical  security  and  monitoring  to  rescue  services.  The  company  provides physical  protection  to  over  3,000  facilities,  and  monitoring  services  are  provided  by  over  60,000 customers. Customers include the largest banks in Poland, retail chains, utilities, strategic facilities and industrial companies.

Jacek Pogonowski
+48 22 627 4000