PSIK Board, elected for one-year term, consist of: Khai Tan ( Bridgepoint) – President, Monika Morali – Efinowicz (Advent International), – Vice-President, Andrzej Bartos (Innova Capital) - Vice-President, Sylwester Janik (MCI Management) - Vice-President, Piotr Noceń (Resource Partners) - Vice-President and Jacek Woźniak (Enterprise Investors) – Vice-President and Treasurer.

The former President of PSIK - Robert Manz – did not run for reelection. Robert Manz, the founder of the Association, was sitting on the Board of PSIK since inception and held President of the Board position for 5 years. Thanks to his efforts and dedication, PSIK became one of the leading capital market institutions in Poland.