Poland ranks high in the diversity league tables. It holds the second place in Europe with 44% of women in management positions, only one percentage point behind Latvia, the leader and as much as 10 points above the European average. One may assume that the issue of women’s professional advancement and participation in top management roles is less pressing than elsewhere. Is it also less pressing in our industry?

PSIK together with Level 20 Polish committee and Abris Capital has conducted the first gender diversity study in the PE/VC industry in Poland to understand the scope of challenge that lies ahead. The findings do not surprise. Women constitute an 18% minority in PE/VC investment community and insignificant minority of 8% in top management positions. The diversity situation looks slightly better in VC than in PE with 41% vs 31% of women at the junior level and 13% vs 24% at the mid-level. At the top level, however the difference is negligible, 8% of women in PE and 9% in VC hold senior positions. Of particular concern is that as much as 28% of firms surveyed do not have a single woman in their investment teams.

To download the report click here 'Women in private equity and venture capital in Poland' report pdf