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DreamJay Inc, a start-up operating out of San Francisco, USA as well as Warsaw, Poland- has just raised $2.3M in a recent series A funding round to continue the research and development of Nightly, the mobile medical app which may help to prevent bad dreams.

Nightly is one of the first mobile app solutions created to help neutralize bad dreams, and may allow people with certain sleep disorders (such as those resulting from post-traumatic stress syndrome) to manage their sleep without pharmaceuticals. The Nightly app was developed on the base of extensive research by an interdisciplinary team of scientists and entrepreneurs with the support of artists and audiovisual engineers. Participants in safety studies conducted at the Sleep Disorders Center at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw, Poland reported no adverse effects from using the app.

In order to carry out further research and to improve the application before its official launch, the creators of Nightly have raised $2.3M in a recent round of financing. Lead investor is Joint Polish Investment Fund (JPIF) – the largest Life Science Venture Capital fund in Poland. Nordic Makers, a Swedish Venture Capital fund, and several private investors provided additional funds.

“I am delighted that we have now raised enough capital to begin the process of clinical validation of our product. The tests, which we have conducted so far, including those with the SWPS University and the Sleep Disorders Center at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, demonstrate that we are moving in the right direction. They also indicate further areas for development that we can now pursue.” - says Łukasz Młodyszewski, CEO of Nightly.

The funding will allow Nightly to continue its current operations and to finance additional clinical research necessary to submit the Nightly app for premarket review by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as the Notified Body for the European CE mark certification.

“We are impressed with the possibilities of Nightly and believe that the app is capable of disrupting the current state of the pharmaceutical market for sleep aids and other conditions. We look forward to the moment when it may be possible to call this app a medical device which could then become an alternative or add on to the current standard of care, including use of psychoactive drugs,” says Kreske Nickelsen, General Partner of JPIF.

“Sleep disorders lead to many negative effects in individuals, and in society as a whole. At Nordic Makers, we not only liked the direct influence that Nightly may have on neutralizing nightmares, but also the Company's pioneering approach to the subject of sleep” says Hampus Jakobsson, Partner at Nordic Makers.


About Nightly:
Nightly is a team of scientists, designers and entrepreneurs with the mission to improve sleep quality and thus well being during the day. After three years of research and experiments in cooperation with scientists and experts in sleep medicine and neuropsychology and researchers of audiovisual content, the Nightly team found a way that could help to manage bad dreams and improve the quality of sleep with tailored acustic and visual stimuli. Nightly helps falling asleep peacefully, reduces bad dreams and the number of wake-ups at night, and makes it easier to get up in the morning by waking you up at the optimal time leaving you rested and reenergized. The Nightly app will be released in Q4 2017.