Resource Partners have sold the minority stake in a leading Polish grain processor Melvit to the company's majority owner, who will regain the full control of the company.

Melvit is the leading Polish manufacturer and distributor of groats, flakes and other grain products that are sold under several brands, such as ‘Melvit’, ‘Szczytno’ and HoReCa-dedicated ‘LeChef’, as well as under private labels of major trade partners. Since 2015 the company has operated one of Europe’s the most modern grain processing plants. It offers the highest standards of both product quality assurance, production efficiency and flexibility. Melvit is owned by Polfood, a Polish family office, specialising in food processing.

During the Resource Partners involvement Melvit became the leader on the Polish market, with a twofold sales increase and fourfolded the EBITDA. In 2011, at the beginning of the investment Resource Partners supported Melvit's founders in their efforts to modernize the company through a capital increase to finance the construction of a new production facility.

“We are delighted to announce the exit transaction. Our investment goals were achieved. Melvit has the leading position on the Polish healthy food market and high-quality asset base. It continues its growth and pursues further growth opportunities abroad. The strategy presented by our majority partner upon our entry proved to be the right one and the highly capable management team of Melvit executed it perfectly,” said Piotr Noceń, Managing Partner of Resource Partners.

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Piotr Noceń, Managing Partner
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