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As European investors search the world for returns, it may be that the answer is closer to home, according to data released today. “The current post-crisis private equity vintages in CEE could be some of the best," says Henry Potter of Alpha Associates, a Swiss fund of funds. “I have been investing in CEE private equity for nearly 20 years, and have witnessed the region’s performance over this extended period of time. Paradoxically, the region is underappreciated by investors, while delivering better returns than most other geographies."

A report published today has put numbers behind this sentiment, highlighting the private equity investment attractions of the region. Entitled “Time for Another Look," the report sets out 10 core facts about the region, which generates EUR 1 trillion of GDP. They include:

    • CEE private equity professionals have an average 13 years’ track record and are investing their third funds
    • The region has delivered net returns of 15.66% (in USD), 9.95% (in EUR) over a 10 year period[1] – ahead of figures in other markets, both developed and emerging
    • Deal flow in CEE is primarily from private owners, unlike more developed markets, where secondary buy-outs are more prevalent

Investors long invested in the region back up the report’s findings: “The CEE region shows attractive growth prospects and catch-up consumer demand that provide interesting investment opportunities for private equity groups," says Leon Hadass of Pantheon, a global private equity fund investor.

The report, published in association with a grouping of Central and Eastern European (CEE) national private equity associations, is available for viewing and download at www.ceeprivateequity.com

The following associations have endorsed the report:

PSIK – Polish Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, www.psik.org.pl
CVCA – Czech Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, www.cvca.cz
CVCA – Croatian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association. www.cvca.hr
EstVCA – Estonian Venture Capital Association. www.estvca.ee
HVCA – Hungarian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association , www.hvca.hu
LTVCA – Lithuanian Venture Capital Association, www.vca.lt
LVCA – Latvian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, www.lvca.lv
SEEPEA – South Eastern Europe's Private Equity Association, www.seepea.org
SLOVCA – Slovak Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, www.slovca.sk

For further information contact any of the Associations listed above or:

Barbara Nowakowska, Managing Director, PSIK
tel. +48 22 458 84 30, mob. +48 730 995 990

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[1] Based on data supplied by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), CEE’s largest investor with over 800 underlying portfolio companies investments since 1992.