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Brussels, Belgium – 31 August 2016

Private equity and venture capital investment in Central and Eastern Europe last year hit its highest amount since 2009, according to new data from Invest Europe.

The total investment amount increased 25% year-on-year to €1.6 billion, with the number of companies backed matching 2014’s record level. The figures are taken from Invest Europe’s Central and Eastern European Private Equity Statistics 2015 report, launched today. pdfDownload

“Last year’s increase in regional investment activity, at a new post-financial crisis high, points to a healthy and evolving market," said Robert Manz, Managing Partner at Poland’s Enterprise Investors and Chairman of Invest Europe’s Central and Eastern Europe Task Force. “Central and Eastern Europe continues to develop dynamic businesses and when the time comes to exit, these private equity-backed companies can have the international reach to appeal to global acquirers."

It was another strong year for private equity exit activity in the region, with a record 97 companies exiting at a total value of €1.2 billion – measured at historical investment cost – the third highest year on record. Trade sale was the most prominent exit route, accounting for over half of the divestment value at historical cost. Public market exits made a strong showing, comprising 17% of total exit value at cost.

After 2014’s fundraising high, driven by some of the region’s largest fund managers, the capital raised last year was at a more subdued level of €418 million, as fund managers were more focused on investments and exits.

The high level of private equity investments and exits in Central and Eastern Europe last year is just part of the success story for the entire European market. Across the continent, total investments increased by 14% year-on-year to €47 billion, while exits, measured at historical investment cost, matched 2014’s record-breaking €40 billion.

Findings from Invest Europe’s Central and Eastern Europe Statistics 2015 report also include:

    • Over 200 companies received venture capital investment, including nearly 130 start-ups
    • Buyout investments increased by a third year-on-year to €1.3 billion with 40 companies backed, mostly in the energy & environment and consumer goods & retail sectors
    • The highest investment amounts were focused on businesses in Poland, Serbia, Hungary and Romania, comprising 85% of the region’s total investment activity by value in 2015
    • 91% of companies receiving investment were based in Poland, Hungary, the Baltic states and Slovakia

“The region has a number of innovative start-ups and interesting companies employing a well-educated and competitive workforce, and the experienced private equity and venture capital investment managers are perfectly positioned to harness their potential." said Manz.

Formerly called the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA), Invest Europe is the non-profit trade association representing European private equity, venture capital and their global investors. The Central and Eastern Europe Private Equity Statistics 2015 report is free to download from its website, investeurope.eu.

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About the Central and Eastern Europe Private Equity Statistics 2015 report

This document provides annual activity statistics for the private equity and venture capital markets of Central and Eastern Europe in 2015 and prior years. The statistics contained herein are based solely on the “market approach", wherein information is compiled to show activity in a particular country, regardless of the origin or location of private equity fund managers. This contrasts with the “industry approach" that shows the activity of fund managers based in a particular country, and which is not applied in this paper. Invest Europe believes using the market approach gives a more accurate picture of the overall investment trends and activities in the markets of Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) due to the predominance of regional funds and fund managers. For the purposes of this publication, CEE comprises the countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. These countries have a total population of about 170 million and registered a total GDP of € 823 billion in 2015.

We refer readers to the methodology and definitions sections at the back of this document to aid in understanding the data and terminology used throughout the text.
The full report is free to download from Invest Europe’s website, www.investeurope.eu.

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