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By December 2016 Valores Board approved Valores’s fifth social investment: a grant of PLN 180 000 to support the “Safe Future” project led by BORIS Association.

Intellectual disability limits a person’s capacity to participate in society and negatively impacts his or hers cognitive skills. People with intellectual disabilities (PIDs), as opposed to other disabilities, are always dependent on other people. The rehabilitation process can support them in becoming more self-reliant in terms of daily activities (personal hygiene, preparing meals, supervised employment). However, they will always need support in terms of decision making, management of their legal, financials, or health matters. This dependence become particularly challenging when their parents and other relatives are no longer able to provide this support. In Poland, it is assumed that there are 350,000 intellectually disabled individuals with severe degrees of disability. In reality the disabilityrelated limitations also affect their relatives: consequently over 1 million people are involved in everyday life with intellectual disabilities.

A few years ago, BORIS, an organization supporting the development of diverse social initiatives, united social organizations working with people with intellectual disabilities around a common question: what will happen with those children when the parents will be gone? To address the issue of financial, material (home) and social (emotional safety and good life) security of persons with intellectual disabilities BORIS looked upon successful solutions in Canada to adapt a model of “circles of support” for PIDs, that will be an alternative to their institutional placement in the absence of their caretakers. Valores has based its support for BORIS upon a pilot program conducted in Warsaw, embracing 15 persons with intellectual disability, their relatives and supporting personnel. The model of circles of support brings together families of PIDs, social aid institutions, local governments and supporting personnel to provide coordinated and tailored long-term care including sharing of the decision making powers, health and legal support, as well as ensuring a good quality of life till their last days.

Valores will invest its financial and non-financial support in developing over 100 circles of support in some ten cities in Poland to test this partnership-based approach. Valores’s grant of 180 000 PLN spread over three years of cooperation will serve to develop the circles of support model, enable broad implementation of the program and will work as leverage to obtain larger financing for nationwide implementation and potential policy change in that area.



  • Fundacja Integracja (www.integracja.org)
    Integracja engages people with disabilities into mainstream society and enables their full social and economic integration. This is accomplished by improving the quality of life of people with disabilities, representation and advocacy on their behalf, and changing awareness of both the disabled and the society at large about the rights of people with disabilities.
    Valores support & Impact to date
    Valores supports the staff and operational costs to expand Integracja’s revenue-generating expert activities: digital site and physical building accessibility audits, employer and customer service training and education on employment of people with disabilities. The revenues from those activities support educational campaigns and the employment center run by Integracja.
  • Fundacja Samodzielni Robinsonowie (www.robinson.org.pl)
    FSR is building a nationwide system to facilitate young adults’ successful transition from institutional foster care to independent living. It is the only organization in Poland actively addressing those challenges. FSR designs and implements structured educational programs, engaging social aid institutions and business to increase the number of young people prepared for independence, self-reliance and employment.
    Valores support & impact to date
    Valores supports the staff and operational costs for expanding the Safe Internship Program (a platform for organizing and monitoring corporate internships) which has profit-generating potential that can sustain the foundation’s activities in the long term.
  • Fundacja POMOST (http://pomost4.webnode.com/)
    Pomost Foundation is an organization that helps addicts and former prisoners after release from prison. Pomost provides support for successful reenttry into society. Pomost provides a half-way home and counseling services for former prisoners which includes: job search related issues and behavioral health.
    Valores support & Impact to date
    Valores has been working with the management of Pomost to organize their financial management and team structure. Due to financial challenges encountered when other funding fell through in 2016, Valores focused on ensuring liquidity and basic salaries for the team. Despite the difficult financial situation, Pomost maintained the quality of work with ex-prisoners and nearly 10 ex-convicts have successfully transitioned to normal lifestyle and work. A new training apartment has been acquired and renovated. And the team made significant progress in applying for new funding, utilizing additional third party resources provided by Valores.
  • Fundacja Szczęśliwe Dzieciństwo (www.fsd.lublin.pl)
    FSD challenges young people to become active, engaged citizens, with a strong value system. FSD offers a two-year intensive, Crown of Polish Education program for schools, focused on fostering teamwork, engagement and understanding of local communities for a valuable extra-curricular experience.
    Valores support & Impact to date
    Valores supports the staff costs related to the expansion of the geographic scope of the Crown of Polish Education beyond the city of Lublin, as well changes in FSD’s relationship with schools making the program more financially self-sustaining.


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