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3TS Leads New $6m Round Raised by Spectrm, the Conversational AI Leader


May, 2023

We are excited to announce our investment in Spectrm, which is the fourth portfolio company around our personalization investment theme. In Spectrm, we found that leveraging the combination of social messaging and GPT-based interaction, is a compelling way to build a new, marketing automation platform for B2C CMOs to drive revenue from new or current customers. Traditional online ads or email-based tools have declined in response rates and privacy has reduced the efficacy of incumbent marketing. Meanwhile social messaging is used by billions of consumers globally and becomes the new “rails” to reach customers. Concurrently, innovation in GPT enables one-to-one, controlled automation of campaign responses that lead to unprecedented consumer engagement, response rates, and conversion to new revenue. We look forward to working with Spectrm and help the business scale rapidly.