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PSIK Social Business Accelerator Program

The PSIK Social Business Accelerator (SBA) program is a pro bono initiative of Poland's private equity and venture capital community. The SBA program assumes individual cooperation of experienced PSIK mentors with leaders of organizations that address the most pressing social problems in Poland in areas such as safety and development of children, education, equal opportunities for people with disabilities, support for refugees, counteracting homelessness and other forms of social exclusion.

PSIK mentors are the most experienced individuals representing Poland's private equity and venture capital community. They offer their knowledge and time pro bono and use their experience, professional skills and contacts to support the development of participating organizations.

The SBA program was launched in 2011 by the PSIK Venture Philanthropy Committee in partnership with Ashoka - an international social organization supporting innovative social entrepreneurs. It is now jointly managed by PSIK and the Valores Foundation - Poland's first philanthropy venture fund.

PSIK Social Business Accelerator 13 - FORMULARZ ZGŁOSZENIOWY

The 12th edition of the PSIK SBA program is in progress!

In September 2023, the 12th edition of the SBA program was launched, during which 17 pairs, comprising PSIK mentors and leaders of social purpose organizations, will work together to increase the social impact and scale of the organization.

For SBA 12 participants:

The leaders of social purpose organizations should complete the survey after each meeting with the mentor.


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pro bono hours of PSIK mentors

The SBA program
is celebrating its
10th anniversary!

We encourage you to read the anniversary publication, which summarises the current active involvement of PSIK mentors and cooperation with social purpose organizations in the PSIK SBA program supporting excluded and marginalized groups.

SBA Participants

Valores Foundation

Valores Foundation is Poland's first Venture Philanthropy fund, established in 2014. Working closely with PSIK, the foundation supports organizations with the potential for further development in the SBA program.

Valores' involvement lasts three years, is both financial and non-financial, and is integrated with support from an SBA mentor who continues to work with the organization.

The Valores Foundation's mission is to increase the impact of selected social-purpose organizations by providing tailored financial and substantive support that fosters organizational development.

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